Advertising with Edudol

Why Advertise on Edudol?
Edudol is a platform of the future, by advertising on Edudol you are opening yourselves up to the next generation of consumers. Edudol allows you to connect your brand to students all around the world and engage with a global audience, all of whom are the future.

Our options for advertising are wide and these can cover small-scale advertising to full promos, all of which are not just designed to be relevant to the student, but also connect brands to students who would be interested in their products.
Quiz-Based Advertising
One of our most exciting opportunities would be that of our quiz-based advertising on offer, which allows you to connect with student through fun quizzes or serious lessons which means the adverts are relevant and interesting.
Basic Advertising
Our advertising can also take part in the most basic of forms, which includes sponsored images and text around the website, targeted to that of your ideal customer. Making the process a whole lot simpler.

Targetted Content

Target your content at groups that will be interested in your product, wether this is sports, music or science.


Great Interaction

Users will have fun and be educating themselves while interacting with your adverts, only good can come from this.



Using Edudol to advertise is cost-effective, and a range of opportunities in various price ranges are available.