Prepare for a learning revloution...

What is Edudol?
Edudol is a free online learning tool, which uses data to enhance the learning process. Edudol uses data to not only make all of its information easy to understand, but also to make it more relevant to you the end user. The content itself cover three key areas: quick and easy quizzes, guided learning presentations and full classes to follow. All three areas combine together to give you the best chance of understanding and learning the key information.

Below are some of our key features, why not take a look and see if its for you:

Instant Feedback

All content is instantly marked, giving immediate feedback and support on how to further improve.


Relevant Content

Edudol uses your interests in order to improve your learning speed and ability. Not shoehorning you into something you don't enjoy.


Review and Improve

Use your tracked data to see improvement over time, target specific learning areas and use our software to only target the areas you need to improve.


Vote on Features

Here are some additional features we want to add before launch, do you have any favourites?

  • arrow_upward Friend vs Friend

    Allow the importing of Facebook and Twitter friends to allow a competition between the set of friends.

    0 votes
  • arrow_upward Printable Certificates

    An idea to create a printable version of the awards that you gain, in addition to the badges on your profile.

    0 votes
  • arrow_upward Global Leaderboards

    Create a global leaderboard for the levels and ranks gained through the website.

    0 votes
  • arrow_upward Local Leaderboards

    Localised leaderboards to compare to your country or city.

    0 votes
  • arrow_upward Dark Theme

    Create a dark theme for the website, in addition to our current theme.

    0 votes
  • arrow_upward Share your Quiz

    A big thing about Edudol is the idea of your personalised quiz, this will allow you to share them with your friends.

    0 votes
  • arrow_upward Built-in tests

    Our first three education styles are 100% being implemented, but there is the possibility of adding a built-in exam style area including time limits and an in-ability to change tabs while answering.

    0 votes
  • build More coming soon...

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